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"Service with Integrity and Commitment"
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Advanced Communication
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TriStar Supports
Our Dealer's Success
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TriStar Monitoring & Your Success

Your success drives our success.  We know what it takes for you to be successful – all of us at TriStar have been in your shoes. We have pulled cable in attics.  We have dealt with customers and equipment failures.  Each of us have been on your side for decades.  We get it.

TriStar was designed and is operated at all times with the dealer in mind. We know the responsibility we carry for your business – your success and reputation.

Does Your Company offer Interactive Virtual Video Monitoring?


If you have a sensor, we can monitor it:

  • Interactive Virtual Video Monitoring
  • Customized Response
  • Burglary
  • Hold Up
  • Medical
  • Environmental
  • Elevator


Whether your protected property, equipment, or goods have one sensor or multiple zones, TriStar monitors them with pinpoint, 24-hr accuracy. 


An aging population along, with daily advances in both equipment and medical uses, the PERS arena is one that is growing rapidly.  

This is a growth market for dealers which we support with cutting edge technology and experienced, highly trained personnel.

Are You Looking for a Solid, Long-Term
Monitoring Partner?

We have built TriStar Monitoring on a foundation of granite – Decades of Alarm Company Experience combined with the finest Monitoring Servers, Software (DICE), and the best trained central station operators.  

Our company has been designed for long term ownership and dealer relationships.

If you are looking for a monitoring company who lives by the creed, “Service with Integrity and Commitment,” you have come to the right place. 

Call us or email us now to explore if TriStar Monitoring is a good fit for your company.

Recent Press Release from DICE

DICE and Tristar Monitoring Come to the Aid of a Central Station Affected by Tropical Storm Isaias.
BAY CITY, Mich., August 10, 2020— What can a central station do when they are in the “eye of a hurricane” and their building and equipment are flooded? That was the situation this week when a company affected by Tropical Storm Isaias, and left without power, needed assistance. Both DICE Corporation and Tristar Monitoring stepped in to help.
“We got a call from DICE asking if we were willing to assist,” said Tim LeBlanc, president and co-founder of Tristar Monitoring. “My immediate response was, ‘Absolutely’.”
Tristar Monitoring had been in the same position before, aiding a central station in Florida for two months, while the company returned to full operations. The process of transferring the signals to Tristar was a seamless process that was made easier with both central stations being DICE customers and on the Matrix platform. The IT teams from the three companies got together and Tristar was receiving full operations including all signals and phone calls in only 45 minutes.
Many of the signals Tristar received were low battery and power failures, as well as receiving service calls. DICE helped clean the buffer and transferred the service calls back to the service technicians at the affected central station. DICE´s integrated iPBX solution, which is fully integrated with Matrix, enabled Tristar to easily process and manage all calls no matter the rate or load. 
“This is a challenging time we live in,” stated Avi Lupo, co-president of DICE Corporation. “Originally, we were thinking of disasters such as hurricanes. Then we focused on the pandemic. We are now dealing with natural disasters as well as the pandemic. This situation shows how unexpected situations can arise and the need to be prepared.”
Currently, Tristar Monitoring is continuing to handle the complete operations of the affected central station. At this time, restoring power and equipment is ongoing, but both DICE and Tristar are prepared to address any situation that may arise until all operations are transferred back.
“This situation shows how versatile DICE is in their software, products and support,” added LeBlanc. “They have designed disaster recovery and business continuity solutions so not only are we ready for any unforeseen disaster but also they provide us with peace of mind, knowing we are fully covered.”
For more information on DICE Corporation, visit or call 989-891-2800.

Dealer Success

Each of TriStar’s Founders have spent decades on the alarm company side of the table. Every policy, employee, and piece of equipment has been chosen with the alarm company’s needs in mind.  

Our equipment is state-of-the-art. We stand behind it 100%.  We guarantee each of our highly-trained employees reflects perfectly on your business.  We ensure that your customers never, ever know that TriStar Monitoring exists.  We are an invisible, seamless, and steady support to your Successful Company.

Finally, we support our Dealers by sharing our decades of experience in the alarm industry. If they face a new challenge, we work with them to devise a product or policy to solve the issue.  


??????? Questions to Ponder ???????

Part of the support we offer our Dealers is our Questions to Ponder series. Each month we take up questions that we have heard in the alarm and monitoring world that we know others in the industry are dealing with.  We ponder on those questions. We investigate and share the best answers we can find in an effort to make your life easier and your business more successful.
If you aren’t currently subscribed to receive the monthly nuggets, please punch the button below and join us.  Also, we would like to hear from you if there is a question we can investigate and answer for you and others.  Send an email to Tim LeBlanc here.


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