Tim LeBlanc



TriStar Monitoring, LLC. was Co-Founded by Tim LeBlanc, a Veteran of the US Navy.  After several years in sales, Tim landed in the security industry. After 41 years, Tim LeBlanc still has a deep passion for it. Tim started as a salesman and worked his way into installations, soon becoming manager of two alarm companies. In 1986, Tim took the position of Systems Director for the Pep Boys Corporation where he was in charge of Security for all locations. After 6 years, Tim left Pep Boys and returned to his true passion, the Security Industry. After consulting for several companies, Tim took a position with a central station as President. Tim spent the next 18 years growing the company.  Tim decided it was time for him to start his own Central Station. So TriStar Monitoring was born. With the help of his friends, Tim picked a seasoned staff of industry professionals to ensure TriStar’s success. Tim’s goal is to offer the latest in technology and the best service possible. “My constant goal is Service with Integrity and Commitment.” -Tim LeBlanc

TC McNett



TC McNett, is CEO and Co-Founder of TriStar Monitoring. TC entered the US Air Force out of high school where he specialized in low voltage and later became an instructor. After leaving the US Air Force, TC began working with Wells Fargo Alarm Services starting as an install helper. He quickly rose through the ranks to service supervisor. Wanting to have more control over the way customers were treated, TC and a partner opened Alarmco Security Systems. In the 16 years TC was with Alarmco, it has risen to be one of the highest regarded alarm companies in the Inland Empire. Wanting to move onto the next level of security business, TC, along with friends, opened TriStar Monitoring in 2012. TC and his wife of 32 years live in the Inland Empire. TC is also an avid road racer and car collector.

Charlie Eastland

Director of Operations


Being an active member in our industry since the early 1980’s, Charlie Eastland brings a wealth of technical and practical knowledge to our team of professionals. Charlie’s first career was Firefighter and Certified Paramedic.  He has owned his own full service alarm company performing mostly high-end custom installations. He has also held the position of Operations Manager at a central station. Charlie’s experience and technical knowledge of building a central station, combined with his passion and ability to manage its operations, makes Charlie a perfect fit for TriStar. Our alarm companies appreciate the ability to tap into these resources when conventional, and often non U.S. technical support, can run them in frustrating circles. Charlie was born and raised in Fullerton, California and has 1 older brother. In his personal time, he enjoys traveling internationally, scuba diving and spending time with his parrot, a blue and gold macaw.

Brenda Mendoza

Central Station Manager


Brenda Mendoza is a customer service professional. She began her career at 22 with an alarm monitoring company and quickly discovered she loved the industry. From there she continued moving up the ranks as lead, supervisor, and assistant manager. Ms. Mendoza has proudly joined the excellent team of professionals at TriStar Monitoring as Manager and continues to astonish both company and dealers with her finesse and professionalism.