The Key to Successful Monitoring


Our team members are carefully selected and trained. They are highly intelligent, hard-working individuals who care about those they serve.


TriStar, as a listed UL central station, meets and exceeds those standards. With redundant generators, power supplies, receivers and communication network on both fiber and copper to insure uninterrupted service. Operating on DICE Software gives us the advantage to provide our dealers with custom alarm response and reporting capabilities. TriStar Monitoring keeps up with the latest technology for an ever changing industry.


Accurately creating and maintaining information for each customer’s account is like the base of a pyramid. We check and double check to make sure that each account is set up correctly with all the information that our operators will need to help customers quickly and effectively. We offer different data entry options to our dealers to accommodate their unique needs.


TriStar Monitoring develops customized procedures to meet the specific needs of every dealer and their customers. Our IT professionals have many years of combined technical experience and knowledge. Our skilled team members write and program step-by-step response instructions for our operators, making sure that each customer is helped within seconds, regardless of the type of alarm system they use. We also provide continuous training for our team members to ensure that they aware of the latest innovations in the monitoring industry.


Our commitment to answer calls quickly and accurately enables TriStar Monitoring to provide the best monitoring services possible for our alarm companies. TriStar’s Quality Assurance Department evaluates the performance of our highly trained Central Station Operators ensuring that every team member not only meets our high standards of service, but is also setting performance goals to continually fine tune that service.